1. Browse our templates and decide what style you want: single-fold, or double-fold.

2. Compile any church or ministry information you want on the tract.

  • Our templates all have space to add your Church name address and contact info. There may also be additional information that the template may require. See the “Tract Text” section of each individual template for further information.

3. Compile any church or ministry pictures you want on the tract.

  • Some of our templates have spaces to add a photo of your Church, pastor, or additional pictures of your choice. Please refer to the pictures of the tracts for further information.
  • For any pictures you want on the project, please provide a high resolution picture for best quality. This would be around 2000 x 2000 pixel dimension which is roughly equivalent to a 4 or 5 megapixel picture.

4. Decide what qty of tracts you want to start with.

3. Add to cart and pay for the desire qty of tracts.

  • After payment you will be directed to our submission form where you will put in the information you want on your tract.
  • Please have all of your information ready as this page is only available after your payment is completed.