Single Fold, Style 1, The Battle Tract


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Single Fold, Style 1, The Battle Tract

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  • Full color printing. (folding included)
  • Finished size closed is 3 1/8″ x 4 7/8″
  • Finished size open is 6 1/4″ x 4 7/8″
  • Printed on a 100lb. gloss with double side UV coating
  • Shipping to US (lower 48) included
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Tract Text

The Battle

Karbala, Iraq – April 2004
Combat Patrol:
4 HMMWVs (humvees)

The bullets bounce off of our HMMWV and there are explosions all around. I glance back & see that my gunner has dropped down from the turret. I yell to him to engage the enemy, but he doesn’t move appearing to be paralyzed by fear. A car stops sideways in the road directly in front of us; we plow through it. I look to our left & see a man with a garment wrapped around his head; he is kneeling, aiming a RPG (rocket propelled grenade) at my truck. A brief thought goes through my head, “this is it!” I key the radio and simultaneously reach back & hit my gunner in the leg yelling, “RPG left, RPG left!” My gunner snaps out of his unresponsive state, swings his turret to the left & fires a burst of rounds from his machine gun. The man fires the RPG; there’s a loud explosion & the HMMWV fills with dust & smoke. The RPG missed our truck & struck a brick wall to our right. I attempt to look in the rearview mirror to see if the 3 other trucks are still behind us: the mirror is gone, blown off by the RPG blast. I call on the radio to the other trucks; no response. I call again; no response. What happened… finally the trail vehicle responds; all 3 trucks are right behind us. We make it back to camp with some damaged vehicles and no serious injuries. I pause & thank God for His protection. We quickly re-fit & are ready to roll out again. There’s a report that our camp is about to be attacked & we have to get outside the wire to intervene…..

I know that if I would have died that day I would be in Heaven; I am a Christian (I have trusted Jesus as my Saviour). I also know that many people are unsure of where they will spend eternity. As real as the battles that our military fights, is the battle for the souls of men & women. The Bible clearly describes Heaven & Hell, & that everyone will spend eternity in one or the other. The battle is being fought by Satan (1 Peter 5:8) & he is victorious when people don’t believe the Bible. The Bible states that all have sinned (Romans 3:23) & the wages of our sin is death & hell (Romans 6:23, Revelation 21:8). The good news is that God gave us a way to win the battle over death & hell: He allowed Jesus to pay our sin debt (Romans 5:8-9) & through Him we can be saved (Acts 4:12). If we are willing to repent (turn to God) and trust Jesus as our Saviour, we win the battle and get to go to Heaven, instead of Hell (Romans 10:9-10).

You Can Win the Battle!

In the battle for where you will spend eternity, the devil wants you to believe lies like, “hell isn’t that bad” or “I’m a pretty good person, surely God wouldn’t send me to hell.” You need to decide who you are going to believe, God or Satan?

The fact is that you have sinned (lying, stealing, disobedience, bad thoughts, etc.) and there is a penalty for your sin. You must realize that God sent His only begotten son, Jesus Christ to earth and He was crucified on a cross, buried and rose again the third day. The Bible tells us that Jesus’ perfect blood was shed to pay the penalty for sin. You will either accept His payment for your sins, or you will pay for your own sins for eternity in hell.

Have you put your trust in what God says, or are you
trusting in something else?

Will you Win the Battle?


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